Live Streaming

Bringing you together with your audience

Next Level Production
We have the technology and the know-how to bring your events, meetings, and presentations to the next level. Having clean audio, quality video, and the professional streaming technology in place will set insure your viewers can see and hear you with perfect clarity.

We can stream to a single or multiple platform simultaneously. Meaning that you can reach your audience on Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook simultaneously.

Many Uses
Live streaming technology can be used in many ways. We can create business presentations to be used in Zoom or any other video meeting platform., weddings and personal events can be shown to family and friends that couldn’t attend, Musicians can stream their sessions to their fans, the possibilities truly are endless. 


Let’s talk about your live stream needs!

Pricing starts at $750 and the pricing will vary depending on your needs such as cameras, audio, crew, streaming platforms, customization, and other support. So reach out to us and we can start the conversation around your needs!

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