A bit about us

The Proper Process

The first step of the creative process involves asking questions and getting to the heart of the project. What are our goals? Who is our audience? How are we reaching  them?

Pre-production is a crucial part of creating a successful film. Taking the time to plan locations, write a script, determine production needs, pre-visualization, and scheduling the shoot all help smooth out potential pitfalls and ensure the project can be accomplished within budget. 

This is where we capture all the essential assets for the project. The art of production is capturing what you set out to capture but to also follow new avenues and ideas as they arise as well as adapting when something doesn’t work.

Post Production
This is the refining of all the footage captured during production. We take our materials and artfully chisel out a film that achieves exactly what we set out to accomplish in our original vision.  

The Team


Tyler Clements
Founder — Producer


Miles Heille
Cinematographer / Editor


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