We believe in the power of story.

We believe that the best way of connecting with your audience is creating content that they connect with. We use storytelling to sharing your brand's core values in a way that no other medium can capture. Viewers connect to what’s true and they actively share what they believe in so it pays to be authentic with your brand.

Selected Works


KIPP: Demetrius' Story

Storytelling is what we do. KIPP: Northstar Academy needed to tell their story so we highlighted a student that embodies the spirit and drive of KIPP's program. This kid has struggled through living in North Minneapolis, going through multiple schools, losing his father, yet still has the grit to get through it all with the help of the Knowledge Is Power Program. 


12 Hours of Darkness

Some people are crazy and that's why 12 Hours of Darkness exists. These former U.S. Navy SEALs are offering to to give you a real training experience without having to enlist. It's not all crazy though as the program will be used to raise funds for charity. We created this video as a teaser for the program. 

Children of the Promise

In Haiti, 50% of children under 5 are malnourished. Children of the Promise is an organization that is devoted to caring for abandoned or malnourished children in Haiti. We created a series of videos that demonstrates the impact that COTP has in their area. We can't get over the amount of powerful stories that come out of Haiti.



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